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ACCAN’s purpose is to work for “communications services that are trusted, inclusive, accessible and available for all.”  We need the expertise and support of individuals and organisations to help guide ACCAN’s work towards better outcomes for all communications consumers. ACCAN facilitates opportunities each year through our consultative forums and conference for ACCAN Members to help guide our strategic direction. Become an ACCAN Member and have your voice heard!

For those continuing their ACCAN Membership, thank you for your encouragement and contribution towards better outcomes for communications consumers.


ACCAN will focus on the following priority areas, informed by the ongoing impacts of COVID-19 and natural disasters on consumers’ use of communications services and the need for accessible and easy-to-understand consumer education and information about communications issues. At the same time, we will be responsive to emerging issues, and engage with government and industry consultations in areas of significance for communications consumers, including the converging areas of media, broadcasting, and digital platforms.

Our policy priorities are developed in close consultation with ACCAN members and are informed by our knowledge and analysis of the communications market.


Read the ACCAN Blog, Hot Issues, for the latest topics impacting communications consumers.

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There are three categories of membership.

  • Voting members
  • Associate members (Non-voting)
  • Life members 

Voting members includes both organisations and individuals – each having one vote. The eligibility criteria for organisational Voting members is that their purposes align with ACCAN's objectives and that they are both non-party political and not for profit. Individual Voting members must also subscribe to ACCAN’s objectives. Voting members can nominate and vote for positions on ACCAN’s board of directors. 

Associate members (Non-voting) are those who are interested in working with ACCAN but are not eligible (or do not wish to apply) for Voting membership. 

Life membership is conferred by a special meeting of ACCAN on someone who has made an outstanding contribution to the area.

Please contact us if you're unsure which type of Membership is best for your organisation.

Members of the telecommunications industry, such as carriers, carriage service providers (CSPs), content service providers and equipment manufacturers, are not eligible for membership.